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Regarding Illnesses

When your child isn't feeling well during office hours, same day appointments are always available for acute illnesses. 
Unfortunately, there will be times when your child may need to be evaluated urgently at another facility- i.e. during the night or portions of the weekend- we are always available by phone after hours to consult about your child's care. Please call 952.432.4373.
You have chosen to bring your child(ren) to specialists in pediatric medicine. It follows that in the event of a medical emergency; you would continue to obtain treatment from pediatricians. We therefore recommend Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota / St. Paul emergency room.
We do not recommend the use of in-store clinics. Though convenient, pediatric specialists do not staff them and your child's illness may therefore be managed in a less than optimal manner. If you have questions regarding this matter please give us a call.

If urgent care evaluation is apporpriate (i.e. older children with minor acute illnesses or injuries) we recommend you find an urgent care center, but as always you should check with your insurance carrier for in network providers. As always call 952.432.4373 at any hour with questions.
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